The dark face of India

Tuesday, June 25th 2019

Tabrez Ansari was not expecting to die so early, in his early twenties. He was killed in his own country, in the state of Jharkhand, just because he was a Muslim. Killed… lynched should I say. His ordeal lasted for hours, on June 18th. First beaten by an enraged man encouraged by a surrounding happy mob of hindu Indians, then tied to an electric pole and forced to perform hindu chants.


Tabrez Ansari tied to an electric pole while being beaten and forced to chant hindu hymns. DR.

His cries and supplications were of no use. Tied, he was beaten for twelve hours and his ordeal stopped when he was finally delivered to the police – he was accused of having attempted to steal a motorcycle. There, in the custody of the police, he said he was not feeling well. Transported to the hospital, he died. He was twenty-four years old. He married one month and a half ago.

Tabrez Ansari is not the first Muslim that has been lynched by a mob in India, just because of his religion. The nationalist Hindus of Modi’s party BJP are unfortunately well known for their violence against Muslims. In Modi’s India, almost one Muslim is lynched everyday in India.

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