Pakistan. The long agony of the inhabitants of Fata

Copyright photo : Sylvie Lasserre. Arrachés à leur villages des Fatas, ces Pachtouns sont contraints à vivre dans l'assistanat des camps de réfugiés


Friday August 19th 2011. Jamrud, Khyber Agency, north of the tribal zones of Fata (Federally Administered Tribal Areas). It is pray time during the holy month of Radazan. The mosque is crowded. Suddenly, a teenager enters the mosque, takes place in the center, and… The explosion is tremendous. Death toll : 52 persons. Around 100 injured. These men belonged to the Kukhikel Afridi tribe.

This attack has been claimed by the TTP, the Pakistani taliban. Why ? To punish the local Kukikhel Afridi tribe of fighting against them… See more information there : Death toll in Jamrud mosque blast rises to 52.

When will these huge massacres happening in Fata against civil population will stop ? Left to their own, the people of Fata is suffering in the global indifference. Their schools are bomb blasted, few hospitals, no universities, no law (see FCR : Frontier Crime Regulation), roads blocked (some inhabitants have to reach their village by air!), unemployment…

About 60% of the population of Fata leaves under the poverty line, illiteracy reaches 71% by the men population, and 97 % by the women !

And deportations to camps outside of Fata as well when the war between the Pakistani army and the militants becomes too heavy.

But apparently the army cannot succeed in getting them rid of the talibans and militants.

The same kind of unfair retaliation happened in December, at a distribution point of the World Food Program. A bomb blasted the civilians waiting for food distribution, because they were belonging to the Salarzai tribe, well known for being the first tribe having set up a lashkar (civilian army) of 4000 men to fight the taliban.

Why Fata is not cleared yet from the taliban? This beautiful region,  inhabited by traditionally peaceful people is on the way to become a no man’s land, with so many lives spoiled.

Des milliers de familles chassées de leur village des Fata et contraintes de vivre des années dans ces immenses camps (ici : le camp de Jalozai). Copyright photo : Sylvie Lasserre

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