Happy independence day to our Pakistani friends!

August 14th 2011

August 14th 1947 : birth of Pakistan. India partioned, creation of Pakistan and displacements of populations.

Many dramas and deaths occurred during these huge movements. About fifteen millions of people displaced. Indian muslim came to the new state, when Sikhs and Hindus left Penjab for India.

Today, the economic situation of Pakistan is critical. Add to this the terrorists attacks happening near every day, the natural catastrophes (most of last year flood victims are still without a roof, last winter tens of children without a roof died because of the cold cause they had no blankets!). Social and cultural decreases areobserved as well.

The people of Fata (tribal zones at the border between Afghanistan and KPK) are living a worse situation : schools bombed, roads blocked, no hospitals, drone attacks…).

Let’s wish a quick recovery to this democracy that really deserves it.

I found on Facebook some old picture of these displacements :



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